My goal is to define & achieve the best possible web & design solutions for my clients - every single time.

My Brilliant Career

I discovered my passion for web design quite by accident. The experience of teaching myself about this field has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. I wake up excited about continuing to grow in this rapidly-evolving industry.

I studied Visual Arts in University, specializing in oil painting - but during my last year of study I discovered the joy of collage. The deceptively simple art of selecting and arranging random images towards evoking a mood or telling a story has been an important part of my life since.

I have traveled widely, and usually, roughly; I spent a year living in a camping tent in the Australian tropics. I've been fortunate to spend over a decade living in Australia in addition to my beautiful-but-cold homeland of Canada.

I've recently entered into a business partnership with a skilled and experienced web designer and developer named Michael Tighe. Our company - A Solid Site (website launching soon) - is currently taking on new clients and is busy carving out a niche in handcrafted web design.

Get in touch with me 

My Skills

  • Web Design
  • Digital Design
  • Drawing / Painting / Collage
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development

My Tools

  • Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Coda
  • MacBook Pro (or my PC)
  • Wordpress
  • Art Materials

Favourite Things

  • Dogs and other critters
  • Garden-fresh vegetables and tea
  • Books of every kind
  • Sunny places

why working with me is awesome

I'm curious & creative

Because I live for design - I always keep abreast of the latest trends, and ideas. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies both within and without the web. Inspiration drawn from a wide range of mediums creates unique opportunities for creative synthesis.

I love my job & I hope it shows

Like most people, I've worked jobs for which I was wholly unsuited and found completely uninspiring. Discovering web design was a revelation. Every day presents challenges I am excited to tackle. Every client project presents a unique opportunity to create something incredible.

I care about my work

It matters to me that you're happy with the work I do for you. You know your business better than anyone - so when you tell me about your vision and goals for your design, I really listen. It matters to me that I do the best work possible every time - and I don't scrimp on details.