website redesign inspiration

A Website Makeover Inspired by Sunnier Days

Redesigning my personal site is hobby. When inspiration hits, and I find myself with a little free time, my website is the first place I turn. Especially when the weather outside is nasty - because during out brief summers here you'll find me outside walking with my dogs, tending my garden, or picking Saskatoon berries along the river. With this winter being especially harsh, I've been dreaming of the lush tropical landscapes of my youth.

Though born in Canada, I spent my youth in Austraila. My mother, brother and I lived in a small town in the tablelands of NSW, but would head down to my grandparent's house by the beach any chance we could find. While there I'd spend hours peering into densely popluated rock pools, watching the wild Rosellas and Cockatoos conversing in the gumtrees, and collecting lantana flowers to throw like confetti.

The design of this site celebrates the best part of my youth, and my penchant for colour and collage. I hope you like it!